Notable work, professional highlights

and a bunch of experimental hobby projects.

Notable work

Virtual Keyboard API

Co-authored the specification to give Web developers more control over the experience when the virtual (software) keyboard is visible. It allows virtual keyboard to overlay the webpage content, triggers and event when the keyboard state changes and provides developers with its geometry in JavaScript and CSS.

Browser Primitives for Foldable Devices

Co-authored a new CSS media feature & script API enabling Web developers to effectively lay content out in a browser window that spans multiple display regions on a dual-screen or foldable device.

Microsoft Edge Origin Trials

Co-lead the project development enabling developers to test drive experimental features on their websites for a set length of time. The system was publicly announced at //build 2020.


Jarvis Webpack Dashboard

An experimental browser-based dashboard for Webpack JavaScript build tool

Matrix HackerNews Client

Graphics heavy (digital rain, matrix background) HN client to demonstrate rendering on a canvas 2d context in a Web worker.

Browser Media Support

What video codecs & container formats can your current browser play?


Base64 Low Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) for Node.js

LQIP Loader

Webpack loader for the LQIP Node.js module, making it effortless to integrate the image lazy-loading technique in your workflow.

Preact Habitat

A boilerplate for creating portable Preact widgets that can be plugged into any web page.