About Me

My name is Zouhir, pronounced Zoo 🦁 - Hair 💇‍. I am a Syrian front-end engineer currently living in Redmond, Washington and working as a Program Manager for web animations and browser composition on the Edge team at Microsoft.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked as front-end and UI engineer building web applications for multiple high-profile brands such as Qantas Airline, Common Wealth Bank of Australia, McDonald's, Dubai International Film Festival, ADIB and more.

In my free-time, I open-source some of my code and personal experiments you can learn more about that in my Github, I also occasionally tweet about web dev & browse stuff you can follow me at @_zouhir.

I also take some photos of places I live in or visit, you can see them here.

Growing up

I was born in January 1991 in Safita and grew up there. It is a small town situated on the tops of three hills in the Syrian Coastal Mountain Range.

Safita city
My home town Safita - source: safita1 facebook page, photographer unknown

I went to public schools in my hometown, and loved physics in my elementary school. I participated in 3 national physics competitions and I was given the Physics Pioneer award 2 years in a row (1999, 2000). My mom is an Electrical and Power engineer, and she was both an inspiration and a help to me growing up and teaching me a lot of math and physics.

Web Development

I got my first computer at age 12 in 2003, it was an IBM ThinkPad, a gift from my aunty who lives in Australia, and built my first HTML & CSS webpage at age 14. My main motivation was building a photo-atlas, an online directory where you can see photos from a big, alphabetically sorted list of all world-countries. I was not able to finish and ship the project, but it taught me a lot about HTML and CSS.

Few years later, at age 17, I participated in another national competition, it was Al-Bassel Computer Programming Competition and I won an award for web category.


Places, countries and cities I have been to on Planet Earth and word heritage sites I visited.

Cities I've lived in

Countries I've visited

World Heritage Sites


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