My name is Zouhir. I am a programmer with proficiency in Web browsers and Web applications development.

Personal Timeline

a black and white picture of my home town, Safita

1991 - 2012

I was born and raised in Syria, in a small town in the coastal mountain range called Safita. I went to schools in there and spent the summers playing soccer in the street and riding my bike around.

an edited picture of Sydney Opera House with aboriginal art light projection

2012 - 2018

I relocated to Syndey, Australia together with my younger brother in December 2012. He went high-school and I started part-time studies at the University of Technology, Sydney while working full-time as a software developer in Sydney city.

an edited picture of the popular Pike Place market in Seattle city

2018 - Present

In March 2018 I accepted a job offer from Microsoft and relocated to Seattle to work on the Edge browser team our of Microsoft's Headquarters in Redmond.


Professional Experience

2018 - 2021


Led the incubation, development and standardization for new CSS and DOM APIs in Chromium web platform for Composition, Animations and Input.



Led the UI development for the majority of Qantas Frequent Flyers account pages, improving the web experience for millions of customers.



Various engineering roles working on high-profile websites and web applications used by millions for well-known brands like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Cadillac MENA, McDonald’s Arabia, Dubai International Film Festival and Leo Burnett Dubai.