Hello, World!

I’ve finally arrived here on Medium and I’m really excited to share with you all some of my random JavaScript & Software Engineering thoughts, my code experiments, challenges I face and work I do.

In a very brief introduction about myself, my name is Zouhir Chahoud and it happens that I’m writing this post from Sydney, Australia. I crafted my first HTML page when I was 14 and fell in love with the JavaScript snippets I pasted into my website (I still remember the add to homepage snippet, add to bookmarks one and animated shapes around the cursor too!). I built a bunch of personal, local and high school websites while learning JavaScript on my dial up connection and earned a national award in Web Development when I was 17, added it to the shelf where I had 2 other national awards in physics for school students. Work wise, My JavaScript code can be found in many high profile websites and web applications for McDonalds Arabia, Dubai International Film Festival and many others.. Currently I’m working on one of the enterprise systems at Australia’s leading bank.

Finally, the main reason I’m here is the JavaScript community. I have learned a lot from them and found myself inspired by some of their work as well as getting more creative when bouncing my ideas off theirs, so thank you JS community and looking forward to our future work, collaboration and discussions!

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